What exactly
is a Zari?

Chances are that you've arrived here because you're curious. Insatiable curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness.

Hold that thought while we tell you about the secrets of Zari.

It’s an apple.

In fact we call it the #perfectapple.
What makes the perfect apple? It does everything an apple should do and so much more. It’s sweet, it’s juicy, it’s crunchy. And it’s homegrown.

What’s not to like?

British Grown. Early Ripening.

Zari apples ripen very early in the growing season.
That means that you can eat locally grown apples at almost any time of the year.

That’s something worth shouting about.

Packed with Goodness.

Prime time for Zari apples is the end of the summer holidays, and the start of the new term.
It’s good news for packed lunches, the natural sweet taste is a sure winner with kids.
Since they’re stuffed with goodness and natural oxidants
(Zari apples rather than kids),
it’s good news for mums and dads too.

Sweet, Juicy & Crunchy.

So we’ve got sweetness sorted.
Juicy means Zari are great natural juicing apples too,
useful for getting goodness into kids quickly. Crunchy makes Zari
fab cooking apples as well, holding their shape and texture.

“Apple pie and ice cream, anyone?”

Goodness from Goatham’s.

Here at Goatham’s, we’ve made British fruit our business since 1947.
We know a thing or two about great British apples and pears.
Now, maybe, you see why we call Zari the #perfectapple.

Chances are that you’re no longer curious. Hopefully you’re still smiling.

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